Pretty Pink Walnut Tree Omni Bath Shower Visor Protection Soft Cap for Shower and Bath Time Safety

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[SEO1] - Walnut Tree Infant Love
[SEO1] - Walnut Tree Infant Love
[SEO1] - Walnut Tree Infant Love
[SEO1] - Walnut Tree Infant Love
[SEO1] - Walnut Tree Infant Love

New! Omni Bath Visor is the BEST baby bath product for your child! Why? Because it will help create a FRUSTRATION FREE bath-time! Omni Bath Visor will ensure your baby’s safety by deflecting water, shampoo and soapy water away from your baby’s eyes, nose and mouth. This will ultimately create a safer, and enjoyable bathing experience for your child! It uses SAFE & EFFECTIVE Environmental Ultra-soft material (EVA resin) to make bathing your child an easier and more fun experience, while also being environmentally responsible!

The Omni Bath Visor is endorsed by DR. BEN COHEN M.D, and STEEL CITY SOUTH PEDIATRICS (SCSP), located in PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, by lead physician DR. STEVEN TWAN M.D. It will help prevent WATER PHOBIA(Aquaphobia), by ensuring that soapy water does not sting your child's eyes, and scare them. It will prevent EAR INFECTIONS, such as Swimmers Ear (Otitis Externa), by stopping water/soapy water from entering the ears. It will also prevent DRY DROWNING (Secondary Drowning), by making sure water will not enter the nose, and risk drowning from fluid entering and remaining in the lungs up to 24 hours after bathing.

The Omni Bath Visor has also been featured in:

✔ The Brain Craig Show Podcast

✔ Radio Invasion FM

✔ Praying Radio

✔ RCWR Show on iHeart Radio

✔ Galaxy Gospel Radio

✔ Modern Living with Dr. Angela

✔ 926 The Blitz Rocks

✔ Nia Radio Network

The list of sponsors just keep growing!

Additional benefits are that the Omni Bath Visor can be used to help your child adjust from bathing to showering, and it can help teach your child how to wash their own hair. Never worry of your child outgrowing the Omni Bath Visor, as it will even fit on ADULTS! It’s that expandable!

Get your child an Omni Bath Visor today, and make bath-time safe and fun!

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